5 Ways to Make your Business more Energy Efficient!

Conserving energy is about turning down your lights, lowering your heat and using fewer products that come from fossil fuels. Hopefully we all know what we need to do to be good stewards of our environment.

One area of our environment where we often fall short is conservation of our professional energy efficiencies. By being efficient with your energy, you can do more for you and your business.

Look for repeats
When you find yourself having the same conversations, writing the same directions or instructions, or repeating activities think about ways to reduce repetition.
• Create email templates with directions and instructions that you can copy and paste for repeat questions.
• Use of video or audio can help you in situations where you are explaining the same concepts. Create an instructional library, and attach links in emails or messaging to help you answer complex repeat questions.

Book impenetrable time blocks
I have two workouts planned weekly in my calendar and they have been there for years. In my mind these two weekly hours are as important as a meeting with a top producer in my market.
• Figure out what you need to schedule that matters to YOU, and make it of maximum importance.
• Remember that it takes 21 days to make a habit. Repeat!

Stack your visits
When you have an appointment or meeting some distance away, think about what else you can accomplish in that area while you are there.
• Use your road time for business development. Who do you want to meet with that also lives in this area.
• Dig into social media and meet with someone you have never met face-to-face and is in that general location.

Keep everything in your calendar
Send out calendar appointments for your meetings. Your appointments are easily accessible in calendar schedules.
• Email appointment reminders a day or two in advance to avoid last minute cancellations.
• Review your calendar weekly to be sure you have it managed.

Use your technology
Communicate by taking advantage of your voice mail and email out-of-office messages.
• Use your out-of-office message to tell people how and when to reach you, or where you are and when you will get back to save additional communication.
• Use your voice mail to establish expectations and to minimize interruptions.

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