Keep your buyers warm and toasty during the long winter months!

By all account this is going to be another strong real estate year. Buyers are active and open houses are busy. This is a great time to reconnect with all of the buyers who were not successful in obtaining a property in 2015.

When connecting with your buyers make sure to discuss the following topics to tee them up for a purchase in 2016: Have they updated their pre-qualification and have they taken higher rates into account?

Has anything affecting their financial profile changed?

Will they consider an ARM mortgage? Suggest that they talk about this option with their mortgage lender.

Is there anything that they can do financially to make their pre-qualification stronger?
Will they consider expanding the area of their real estate search? Can you take them on a tour of alternative communities?

This could also be a good time to connect them with a different lender if they are not satisfied with their current service experience.

This is also a time when I would connect with any potential sellers, not aggressively to list their property, but to gently ask if there is a number where they would sell today. Many sellers have no idea what their property is potentially worth in this market. Who knows how many frustrated buyers might meet a seller’s dream number if the opportunity presents itself. As Rosemary Kelleher from Elevate Coaching likes to say, “Everyone is a seller at the right price, don’t worry about the timing”. Find out the right price for all of those sellers sitting on the sidelines and see if you can find the right buyer at the right price for them.

There is lots of heat in our real estate economy, stay on top of buyers, communicate the truth with potential sellers and you will enjoy a warm winter and a sizzling spring!

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