Digital dependence getting you down?

I was driving to an appointment the other day when my phone died. Black screen would not open no matter what. I needed the navigation because I didn’t know where I was going or for that matter where I was! What to do?

Make a phone call – let my client know I would be late. Have you seen a pay phone lately?

I could probably have managed to source a phone but the number for my client was… that’s right, in my phone.

Directions? I am sure if I located a gas station or a knowledgeable pedestrian I might have been able to find my destination….

Fortunately, I looked up to see a phone store and it was my provider’s. After much back and forth we got enough charge for me to text my client. After a light snack at the place next door, I had enough charge to get my navigation working and to my appointment.

Last week, I was in a committee meeting, when we were looking for a good date for our next meeting one woman pulled out a calendar (yes, a paper calendar) and before any of us pulling up calendars on our phones she had the date input and was on her way out the door. I often wonder if this technology is making life easier or more challenging and I am still not sure. I am missing my Filofax but it was awfully heavy to lug around, I might buy a map book to keep in my car, I am definitely buying a simple paper calendar to carry in my notebook, and I might print out my contacts and keep them safe somewhere…

But if I never ever use a pay phone again I will be ok with that.


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In memory of a petite giant in real estate and the world

My friend, and realtor, Judy Moses was killed in a senseless car accident this past week. I cannot stop thinking about it and her and loss. I cannot stop thinking about all the things I wanted to share with her about our recent move and how great she is to work with. About all the professional stories that I never got to tell her, or the lessons learned that I was waiting to share when we had the time…
Judy was a terrific agent because she cared so passionately about her buyers and sellers. She wanted them to be happy with their housing choices and completely educated before they made that choice. I remember in 2005 when there was plenty of inventory and houses were flying off the shelf like bread before a hurricane, Judy told me that she hated the market even though she was selling a lot of real estate. She hated it because she felt like some buyers were making bad decisions because winning a bidding war was becoming more like sport. She would rather not make a sale than have a buyer make a bad choice!
We talk about living in the moment. Boy, that can be hard to do in our fast-paced world. What does it even mean to live in the moment? I think it means, pick up the phone and say hi to a friend, be spontaneous on a beautiful day and have lunch outside with a friend or colleague. Drop everything and go home and love your dog. Give him a kiss and take him for a walk! Notice the sky, find the good in everyone, give generously of yourself.
If you can find your self living in the moment, take a minute to celebrate Judy Moses, because you will be honoring her by living as she strived to do.
Especially, the part about kissing your dog!
Rest in peace my friend.
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