Good salespeople are always trying to improve their game, to up the ante and grow. Many salespeople get sucked into the “shiny-new-object” trap. They’re looking for the next big thing to implement: a strategy, an app, a new program or campaign. They ask themselves, “What’s the next breakthrough product that will take my career to a higher level?”

I’m in the process of building a whole new business and all day long I’m engaged in networking with salespeople, referral partners and business leaders as we grow our presence in New England.  As I was struggling to lay out a business plan, I finally asked myself an important question “You’ve done this before. What worked then, will it work today, and why aren’t you doing it?” At that moment, I realized that I didn’t need to create a new strategy – I needed to review my past success and replicate the actions that got me there.  Perhaps I could add a tweak or two for the times, but don’t mess with what’s worked.

I counsel you to ask yourself those same questions.

We’re frequently chasing the next new thing when we already have all the tools, ideas and action plans necessary to achieve our present goals. Much like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – the power was always there, but her thoughts prevented her from seeing it.

Try to recall the best professional week – or month, or quarter, or year, or any period of time – that you’ve experienced in your career. What were you doing? What was working for you? Where did the energy come from? What made that period feel good? What made that a successful time for you?

Figure that out – then do it again, and repeat!

Instead of looking for the next big thing, dig deep and look at what actions have been a big thing in your career. Then consider how to recreate them, or continue doing them with greater consistency!