Mortgage Memo #16

Everything is marketing, for all businesses, no matter what business you are in, from Real Estate to Mortgages, to Accounting to a Medical practice, we are all customers and they are all a service in one form or another. If a Doctor consistently keeps patients waiting for 30 minutes at some point that Doctor is going to lose business, there are other doctors with more organized practices.

Marketing begins with first impressions, from how you look to how you shake hands. Are you dressed professionally? Do you smile, make eye contact, have a firm and friendly handshake?

How does your office space present, is it clean and neat and organized? What impression does your business give when people walk in the door? Is the staff energetic and friendly? Is the customer made to feel like they are the top priority?

How is your communication, is it clear and well written in email, or articulate and clear on the phone or in person?

Whatever business you are in, your marketing department starts with you. Your company could be spending millions on radio, television and billboard marketing, but if your personal brand is not in great shape no amount of marketing dollars will help you win in the game of sales.

Remember we are all in sales no matter what, and all day what we are doing is selling ourselves.

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