After four weeks of financial turbulence, conditions have finally stabilized enough that I can give you an update as to where we are in the mortgage and real estate economies. A lot has changed in the mortgage industry, and things will continue to change as mortgage programs tighten or are, in some cases, suspended all together. Here’s what I can tell you today.

Mortgage Refinancing

We’re open for business and helping people save money on their payments, take equity out for improvements, reduce term and overall interest payments, as well as consolidate debt or pay for college. There are many reasons to refinance today, and at Radius we’ve been able to create a nearly contact-free process to keep you safe from application to closing.

If your rate is currently over 4%, give me a call and we can discuss opportunities.

Also, rates could go significantly lower form here – if you want me to track refinancing opportunities for you, send me an email with the details of your current mortgage. The best way for me to help you with a potential refinance would be to complete the pre-approval application here.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is alive and adapting – people are buying, people are selling, and agents are working hard to protect buyers and sellers both physically and professionally. For this, they could be making use of a real estate crm software that can integrate all buying and selling processes onto a single platform, also enabling timely communication with clients to ensure that things are happening as they should.

Interested in Buying?

If you want to buy today, you can! There are fewer properties on the market, but there are agents working hard to connect buyers and sellers. It’s vitally important to work with a realtor or an agent (similar to the ones at Reali) who knows what’s going on in the market, and where off-market properties could be viable. We may be heading into a time where a buyer will have less competition – perhaps even none at all – when they go to make an offer.

  • Start by getting pre-approved – click here to fill out a pre-approval application.
  • If your employment is at risk, stop looking. You don’t want to go through the process and pain of falling in love with a property that you can’t buy in the end.
  • If your credit scores are under 660, I can work with you on a plan to improve your credit!

Thinking About Selling?

This is a great time to talk with agents, learn what’s happening in your area, get some ideas on the potential value of your home, and design a sales strategy whether it’s for now or later. Make productive use of your home time to get on top of those repairs you’ve been meaning to do. Start thinning closets and decluttering by packing away unnecessary objects. Painting is a quick and easy way to really freshen up a room. Take an agent on a video tour of your home to get some of their ideas on the best way to stage the property for potential sale.

Change is a constant. My dedication to bringing you quality and timely information is a constant as well. Please reach out to me any time, even if it’s just to say hi – after all, I’m home and have time for you!