More on Email Overload…and Email Management!

Group Emails:
Remember to read the full body of the email before replying. If you are replying to only one member of the group DO NOT reply all. However, if your response will matter to the group DO reply all.
Subject Lines:
Make sure that your subject line is searchable. Be specific to the topic so the email can be easily found when someone on the thread needs to refer back to it or continue the conversation.

New Thread:
If you are addressing a new thought or conversation start a new thread with a new subject line. That way the conversation can be tracked and easily searched by subject line.

Folders – Follow Up:
Keep a ‘follow up’ folder for the emails where you might have used a placeholder, such as “I will get back to you later today when I am in front of my computer”, or for subjects and topics that you need to follow up on or refer back to. The follow up folder can house reminders of activities, to get back on track for something or an event that is far enough out that you don’t want to commit to it. Check your follow up folder daily or weekly, whatever works for you!

Folders – Other:
Use folders for short-term project management. For example, if you are looking for new office space, create an office space folder to house all the communication associated with that project. Or if you are hiring someone it can be a great place to keep resumes as you work through the process. When the event, project or activity has passed just delete the folder.
Communication management plays a significant role in providing high-quality service in the mortgage industry and in other industries where you engage with clients. I hope that these tips are helpful to you; I know that good email management and communication strategies make us a better team here at Wintrust.

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