Sales Statistics!

I was recently searching the Internet for statistical information regarding successful sales. How much more likely are you to land a transaction when you pick up the phone when the client calls? Or, how does a quick response to an inquiry impact your likelihood of your gaining the sale?

There are a lot of statistics on how to increase sales performance. There are plenty of metrics and data on this topic, especially for those sales people whose job requires them to cold call or respond to a lead driven business.

Harvard University did a study on cold calling and cold emailing. Did you know that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to cold call? Did you know that the most important factor to getting prospects to open your letters for an email campaign is having a snappy subject line?

You can learn all types of sales information online. Sales training resources abound in the form of live training programs, seminars, publications, webinars and programs. However, I can tell you one thing that I KNOW about sales success that does not require a Harvard degree to understand. Answer your phone whenever you can! If you cannot answer your phone, return the call as quickly as possible. The person who connects with the client first has the upper hand in winning the sale. Being available, being responsive, being on top of communication are simple acts and easy to manage. When I read about a negative sales experience, the consumer is usually talking about these exact behaviors; my person didn’t call me back or was unresponsive, or didn’t communicate clearly to me with next steps.

Is this you? If you are in any business that requires direct consumer contact, you are in sales. And being responsive, on top of executing the transaction and communicating effectively, will win you the trust of your clients, their repeat business and their referrals. Regardless of your industry, you don’t need a statistic to tell you what it takes to take care of your customers. Just treat them as you would like to be treated!

** Harvard study reference:

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Amy Tierce and Amyrates moves to Wintrust Mortgage!

Welcome back to the Amyrates Blog!

We have been busy re-building, re-branding and re-structuring our platform.  In case you haven’t heard, after 10 years of building and running the top branch at Fairway Independent Mortgage, I decided to move to Wintrust Mortgage!  I was hired to build a new region for the company and I am very excited for this opportunity. Wintrust Mortgage is part of Wintrust Financial Corporation, a nearly $20 billion asset financial services company based out of Chicago. Since we are a nationally chartered lender, I can lend in all 50 states from our Needham location. Through Wintrust Mortgage, we offer more products and programs than I have ever had access to; as well as a top flight condo department. Wintrust processes loans in a manner that is highly efficient and consumer friendly.

Please enjoy the Amyrates blog site! We will be creating new content weekly as the Wintrust Advisor which is targeted to the real estate community. In addition we will be adding posts on motivation, home buying, leadership, business development and women in business!

Stay tuned and thanks for paying attention.


With the opening of its new location in Needham, Mass, Midwest based Wintrust Mortgage has expanded into the New England region under the guidance of Regional Vice President Amy Tierce. Wintrust has the systems, compliance and security of a nationally chartered entity along with the flexibility of a correspondent lending platform and offers their clients the stability and clout of a $20 billion dollar bank. The service-focused mortgage lender has great expertise in all facets of mortgage lending, and their portfolio, condominium and jumbo offerings make them an especially good fit for the Metro-Boston market and all of New England.

Veteran lender Amy Tierce is at the forefront of the expansion and is using her vast industry knowledge to grow the New England region for Wintrust. “I am incredibly excited to introduce a new lending brand to New England. There is no one mortgage company, bank or lender who can execute every single deal that comes across their desk, but at Wintrust we can do more than most, and combined with our delivery systems we are the winning team,” says Tierce. She says New England is the perfect fit for Wintrust. Tierce adds, “This is a very challenging environment and I believe that the best originators and realtors need to be served by the strongest lending platform. How could I resist this opportunity?”

Amy isn’t just a top lender at Wintrust, she knows New England. Her knowledge comes from her experience as Regional VP for Fairway Independent Mortgage and manager of their number one Newton MA branch and region. Tierce isn’t the only New England addition to Wintrust’s new location. A strong team was crafted from Fairway, Deana Auman-Kirbach, Regional Operations Manager, Linda Erwin, Sr. Underwriter and Michele Auman, Sr. Processor. On the origination side, Brian Denton, an industry veteran and top originator formerly with Fairway and Drew Grandi former Business Development Director from Poli Mortgage are also on the team. Wintrust’s Executive Vice President of Sales Bob Shield raved, “When we met Amy, and later her team, we knew that this was a group we could build a region around. They have high standards and strong value systems around quality compliant origination, high-trust customer service, education, community engagement and charitable involvement, all hallmarks of Wintrust.”

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