We’re the Biggest… We’re number one…. We’ve been voted the best….

Best of lists don’t always reflect what’s best for your needs

When selecting a lender to work with, do any of these attention-grabbing phrases matter to you? Does being the ‘top’ lender necessarily make them a better lender? Does closing across the nation make them more knowledgeable in the market area that you care about? Should rankings or popularity polls inform your decision on who to select for a professional service?

Perhaps recognition and awards may be one measure to use when selecting a service provider, however the lack of those should not be the only deciding factor when choosing a professional. Many of the most talented people in the mortgage industry work for lesser known firms; those small independents and local institutions. Many companies large and small do not submit their numbers to the ranking organization. As a matter of fact, many of these rankings are not even consumer-driven. There are quite a few companies who offer incentives to their employees to insure multiple votes in the ‘best places to work’ polls that are run locally and nationally. Like opinion polls in politics, the results can vary depending on how the questions are worded and how the participants are selected. So many times, these polls are not a direct reflection of client satisfaction.

In the end, you want people to connect with you because of a strong referral, or because of your terrific reputation, one that is built upon integrity, hard-work, knowledge and superior customer service. If you happen to be numero uno on some list, well that’s just a cherry on top.

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