Wintrust Announces New Branch Manager – William Reese

ROCHESTER, NY — September 14, 2016 — Wintrust Mortgage is excited to announce William Reese, NMLS# 595580, as a new branch manager in Rochester, NY.

Mr. Reese has been in the banking industry for 25 years. After graduating from the University of California at San Diego with a degree in sociology and economics, he began his finance career at JP Morgan Chase, where he was a mortgage officer for 12 years.

With his decades of experience, Mr. Reese will be an integral part of the new Rochester branch launch. The Wintrust Mortgage team believes his talent and experience position him well to grow a sales team that will be able to exceed the region’s mortgage needs. In addition, Mr. Reese serves a community of borrowers and real estate agents in southern California built during the time he lived out there.
“A testimony to the quality of his service is that Bill’s clients from out West remain loyal to him although he is across the country,” said Wintrust Mortgage Regional Vice President Amy Tierce, NMLS# 15695.

While working at Wells Fargo, Mr. Reese consistently ranked in the top one percent in mortgage volume for seven years. A highlight of that tenure came in 2002 and 2003, when he was awarded the High Volume Producer Award, originating more than $150 million in mortgages each year.

“We are excited to have Bill on our team, and have no doubt his leadership will be instrumental in the success of this new branch,” continued Ms. Tierce. “This area in upstate New York offers a great opportunity for us to provide the same quality service that our customers in Massachusetts have come to expect.”

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