I am so tired of the constant barrage of rent shaming messages on social media such as, “if you’re renting, you’re paying your landlord’s mortgage” or “rent comes with 100% interest”, “if you don’t buy today, it will only get more expensive”…These messages are constant!

I am a mortgage professional who has owned several homes and I rent right now. Renting works for my current life situation.

Yes, interest rates may rise. But, also, property values might shift, the market could move into a buyers’ market. Perhaps not this year but, all markets cycle. 

So when is it the right time to buy?  When you are ready. How do you know you are ready?

  • You are ready to commit.
  • You are not likely to move in the next 3-5 years.
  • You are financially ready.
  • You want to settle down.

Buying real estate is a big deal! No matter what, you have to be ready to maintain your property. You will be tied to the property – owning might make it harder to take a new job or chase a new romance across the country, it might take more of your monthly cash flow. 

Owning real estate is great for stability. It supports wealth building and creates community and lifestyle.  All wonderful goals – when you are ready!

If you think you might be ready and want to learn more, give me a call. It is never too early to connect with a mortgage professional and get all your questions answered. Now might not be the time but together we can build your road map to ownership and then you will be able to execute when you are ready.